‚ÄčThe Big Time Crew

Lea 'Duffy' Stevens

Starting as a drummer at age 10, Duffy played with a series of bands and soon found an aptitude for live sound mixing. For nearly forty years he's worked the mixing console for regional and national acts of all kinds - bluegrass, rock, jazz, country and big band. At Big Time he combines his knowledge of sound reinforcement with his skills as a session drummer to help musicians get exactly the sound they're looking for out of their instruments and their songs.

Famous people I've run across in my musical career: Brett Michaels of Poison, Loretta Lynn, Charlie Pryde, Members of Blue Oyster Cult

Quote: "Music should be fun."

Richie Roccisano

A guitarist since age 4 and veteran performer, Richie has spent years as a recording and touring musician, honing his ears and learning the art and science of recording. As Big Time's Pro Tools guru, he's the one who can slice and dice tracks into perfection and pick just the right mix of effects to bring the best parts of a song forward.

Vices: "I'm a gear whore...I still own every piece of equipment I've ever bought."

Factiod: Richie was a founding member of the Rubber Band, house band for The Ithaca Fest for its first several years.

Richard Richardson

We would like to give SPECIAL THANKS to those who have helped us in this endeavor. Our Quality Engineer and Studio Musician Duffy (DRUMS AND HIS FABULOUS EARS), Kris Hadlock (HADLOCK BAND) for his tremendous support and musicianship, including (backup guitar, vocals, drums and toys and occasionally a 12 pack of Labats) Ron Brock (Studio Musician Bass Guitar), Richie Roccisano for his PRO TOOLS Engineering, Design, (backing guitars, 12 strings, vocals, bass, drums, keys and toys) and Chris Kempf for his electronic help with our 6 station, multimix headphone setup. Special Thanks to our relatives in Australia for their "Brotherhood" and those other Roccisano's scattered throughout the globe for their help and guidance in this endeavor. Throughout this undertaking we've received great help from local musicians and friends. LASTLY, we are in the process of offering video taping of the recording sessions to give us the ability to produce a DVD for the bands and artists recording at our facility. Lastly, according to our latest data, we would want to warn people of the world of the perils faced with the uprising of the SEAGULLS population that is a SERIOUS THREAT to not only our NATIONAL SECURITY, but to the security of the entire human race.
Thanks, Richard